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The Bell Witch Site

A Longtime Researcher's Perspective on All Things Bell Witch


You have likely heard of Tennessee's infamous Bell Witch haunting, which centered on the John Bell family of Robertson County, Tennessee, near present-day Adams, Tennessee, and involved both supernatural phenomena and paranormal activity. It is not a witch story, per se, but one of the world's greatest ghost stories, rife with spirits, demonic activity, poltergeist disturbances, apparitions, and shape shifters. Moreover, the Bell Witch legend is a classic American haunting and one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. Many elements of the case have not been proven, and little evidence still exists due to the passage of time. Even the actual facts of the case--which are few--are widely disputed by fans and researchers alike.

This site is for you. We offer an extensive collection of relevant information about the legend, most of which has been researched over the last 40+ years. You might wonder... Where is the Bell Witch buried? How old is the Bell Witch? Who was Kate Batts? What is An American Haunting based on? And, of course, "Is the Bell Witch real?" While the answers to those questions, except for the last one, are simple and straightforward, they pave the way for many more questions and answers. And with the Bell Witch legend, every answer yields more questions.


The Bell Witch Site's Mission and Purpose: To Entertain, Educate, and Enlighten

The Bell Witch Site is dedicated to preserving, celebrating, and clarifying the legend of the Bell Witch by presenting not only the traditional story, but also useful, well-researched information about the John Bell family and their otherworldly "visitor. The information at this site is updated periodically to reflect new findings, or new angles on old findings, and is also available on our social media platforms. The site's goal, and that of its researcher, Pat Fitzhugh, is to determine what gave rise to the legend, whether it was a spiritual occurrence or a series of human actions. We strive to entertain with the story, educate with the facts, and enlighten people by debunking common myths and misconceptions about the enduring legend.

Our Position on The Bell Witch: Believer or Skeptic?

Neither. A balanced, unbiased approach ensures credible and quality research. In early accounts of this epic American haunting, storytellers and writers asked us to believe that a malicious spiritual entity pulled a young girl's hair and slapped her; recited Bible scripture in other people's voices; once appeared as a huge rabbit; killed a man, and turned another man into a mule and "rode him to hell for breakfast." Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. While the aforementioned claims have not been proven--and likely never will be--they nevertheless make for the quintessential American ghost story. And, that's fine. There is both a storytelling aspect of the Bell Witch legend and a scholarly aspect that deals with determining what gave rise to the legend. This site covers both. We are not here to prove, or disprove, the spirit's existence. We are here to entertain people with the traditional story, and to research what gave rise to it, whether supernatural or human.


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