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Ghostly Cries From Dixie by Pat Fitzhugh


Ghostly Cries From Dixie

by Pat Fitzhugh

             A chilling collection of weird and ghostly tales from the American South

5.5"x8.5"  /  176 pages  /  19 Photos
ISBN-13: 978-0-9705156-5-0
The Armand Press

Paperback and  eBook editions available


Order Signed Copy  (please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)  Order Unsigned (Amazon)     Kindle Edition (Amazon)




From the murky swamps of Louisiana to the misty hollows of Appalachia, the American South is enshrouded by a mystical element that rouses the senses and kindles the imagination.  This mystical element has for years inspired tales of ghosts haunting old houses, creatures roaming through dense forests, and headless apparitions waving lanterns in the darkness.

In this chilling collection of weird and ghostly tales from the land of moonshine and magnolias, author Pat Fitzhugh meticulously recounts Dixieís most terrifying legends and the haunted history behind them. 

Come on a terrifying journey down the road less traveled, where ghosts, haints, and spirits stand watch over the cypress-filled swamps, old houses, and forgotten graveyards of Dixie.  From an abandoned TB hospital in Kentucky where former patients roam the halls, to a New Orleans mansion where mutilated servants roam the courtyard, your spine will tingle.  From a Louisiana Voodoo queen who cast spells, to a fiendish entity who tormented an early Tennessee family, Dixie ís most notorious characters will leave you spellbound.  From a preacher who cursed a rural Georgia town into oblivion, to a West Virginia woman whose testimony from the grave helped convict her killer, you will meet Dixie ís most interesting people.  From the Devilís reputed playground in North Carolina, to a phantom light on a lonely Texas road, you will visit Dixie ís weirdest locations.  From a West Virginia prison where more than 80 men died, to the location of a fiery steamboat explosion in Arkansas, you will feel Dixie ís most horrific tragedies.

 These stories will never go away or become outdated.  They, along with the landscape of our region, are permanently etched into our human experience.  Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, you will be left wondering about -- or perhaps admitting to for the first time -- experiences of your own that you canít explain.

Ghostly Cries From Dixie follows closely along the lines of Fitzhugh's classic, The Bell Witch: The Full Account, which introduced many previously unpublished facts strongly influenced every Bell Witch book published thereafterGhostly Cries From Dixie includes a comprehensive chapter devoted to the Bell Witch.

Ghostly Cries From Dixie isn't another massive collection of " short" ghost stories.  Each story fills an entire chapter.  The book also offers site photographs, a bibliography, a comprehensive index, and a list of web links and driving directions to each haunted location.

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