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Bell Witch Books by Pat Fitzhugh


The Bell Witch: The Full Account  (Paperback)
We proudly offer what many consider to be the most researched, complete, accurate, and comprehensive Bell Witch resource available today

Ghostly Cries From Dixie (Paperback and Kindle Editions)
We are also proud to offer
Pat Fitzhugh's Ghostly Cries From Dixie, a chilling collection of weird and ghostly tales from the American South, including a chapter on the legend of the Bell Witch of Tennessee). For more information, and to order, click


The Bell Witch: The Full Account, by Pat Fitzhugh


The Bell Witch: The Full Account

by Pat Fitzhugh 

406 pages (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-0970515605
The Armand Press

Originally released in 2000; updated
periodically to remain relevant

Signed Copies (Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)

Unsigned (Amazon)



The essential research tool for all things Bell Witch.  The Bell Witch: The Full Account is a treasure chest of information that will save you 20+ years of time, money, and legwork.

Do you want to learn about the people and history behind the legend?  Which parts of the Bell Witch legend are fact, and which are  fiction?  The Bell Witch: The Full Account not only tingles the spine and intrigues the senses, but also serves as a comprehensive analysis and research tool for serious Bell Witch fans.  As its name implies, the book provides a full account of the legend from North Carolina to Tennessee and  Mississippi, and from the early 1800's to the 21st century. The wealth of information contained in this informative work was gathered and researched over a period of 20+ years. Many later Bell Witch books, productions, and web sites are based heavily on information first brought to light in "The Full Account."

The book includes the terrifying story, site pictures, footnotes, discussion notes, charts, an index and table of contents, various appendices, and biographical sketches of those involved.

 From the image of a lifeless body hanging from a tree, to the apparition of a ghastly, pale woman in a field, “Kate” was the all-knowing, all-powerful personification of evil. Kate's mission was to destroy young Elizabeth Bell’s engagement and kill her father, John Bell. Mission accomplished. Generations later, many descendants of those involved still refuse to discuss the legend. Even today, nearly two hundred years later, terrifying phenomena still occur near the old Bell place.

After more than two decades of painstaking research, author Pat Fitzhugh for the first time shares everything - the story of the Bell Witch, the history of the Bell family and Robertson County, common myths about the Bell Witch, biographies of those who figured into the legend, and detailed discussions about the religious and supernatural theories he used in formulating his conclusion about the origin, identity, and purpose of the so-called “Bell Witch.” Backed by detailed footnotes, insightful endnotes, and explanatory charts, Fitzhugh sheds new light to this epic tale of terror on the early-Tennessee frontier.

Pat Fitzhugh brings the Bell Witch of Tennessee to life in the most comprehensive account ever written about what many consider the most terrifying haunting known to humankind.  Pleasant dreams.


what the critics are saying . . .

southern legends and folklore review - Well-researched, authoritative, and compelling.”

the memphis pages -  “Mr. Fitzhugh doesn't resort to hocus-pocus or speculation, but relates the facts much as a criminal investigator would view a current crime. customer review - “Nothing more substantive has been written about the Bell Witch ...”

barnes and noble customer review - “Pat Fitzhugh Pens the Definitive Bell Witch Book…This book is an excellent read and chock full of heretofore unknown facts surrounding the legendary haunting.”

yahoo - “The world's most sought-after expert on the Bell Witch phenomenon shares it all in this well-written account of the legend ...”



--  Full Story, Past thru Present
--  NC, TN and MS Versions
--  Theories and Myths Explained
--  Photos of Related Sites
--  Biographical Sketches of the Real Characters
--  Historical Research
--  Index, Footnotes, and Endnotes
--  Lots More!

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